This was originally developed for my once-annual Day of the Dead Masquerade as a revision of the original "Ghostly Pale Ale" recipe. This is a very pale ale that requires a lot of care in brewing. Any mistakes are instantly obvious in the final product.

I created the label for the August 2007 batch. I had been making quick, text-only labels for most batches (except the Honey Apple Meade and Honey Pear Mead, since they had labels ready to go, requiring only updating the bottling dates). I decided to set a two-hour time limit and see what I could produce. This is the result. This design is dedicated to Uno, the family cat who passed away a few weeks before I brewed this batch. I'll hoist a few of these to your success in the Happy Hunting Grounds. We will miss you.


August 2007

11 October, 2004