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[Evermore Enterprises]Panoramic VR


Kitt Peak Color 1
[Kitt Peak Color 1]
[1.4MB QuickTimeVR] [776KB Java]

Kitt Peak Color 2
[Kitt Peak Color 2]
[1.1MB QuickTimeVR] [608KB Java]

[446KB QuickTimeVR] [415KB Java]

Cañada del Oro
[Cañada del Oro]
[1.2MB QuickTimeVR] [765KB Java]

Golden Dutchman
[Golden Dutchman]
[900KB QuickTimeVR] [973KB Java]

Azure Dreaming
[Azure Dreaming]
[1.2MB QuickTimeVR] [417KB Java]

Summer Day at Windy Point
[Summer Day at Windy Point]
[720KB QuickTimeVR] [370KB Java]

[490KB QuickTimeVR] [300KB Java]

A Dry Heat?
[A Dry Heat?]
[1MB QuickTimeVR] [300KB Java]

Age Old Superstitions
[Age Old Superstitions]
[QuickTimeVR] [500K QTVR] [1MB QTVR] [Java]

Aglow with Tradition
[Aglow with Tradition]
[QuickTimeVR] [Java]

Wrinkle 9 - Castle in the Distance
[Castle in the Distance]
[QuickTimeVR] [Java]

Day of the Dead Masquerade 1999
[Day of the Dead Masquerade 1999]
[QuickTimeVR] [Java]

Ink It!
[Ink It! Inc.]
[QuickTimeVR Multi-Node]

Wrinkle 7 - Lunchtime
[QuickTimeVR with sound]

Invierno en Primavera
[Invierno en Primavera]

Wrinkle 6 - Squaw Peak True Summit
[Squaw Peak True Summit]

Coral Reef Motel
[Coral Reef]

Wrinkle 3 - Different Pointe of View
[Different Pointe of View]

Westfork Ruins
[Westfork Ruins]

These links lead to pages with embedded VR panoramas. The QuickTime plug-in is required to view the QuickTime versions. If you don't have the QuickTime plug-in, you can download it from Apple:

Get QT 4

Most of these are bandwidth-sensitive streaming QTVR movies - so, they will begin to display before they finish downloading and the resolution of the image you get will depend, in part, on your bandwidth setting in the QuickTime plug-in.

Alternative Java versions of some panoramas are available. Note that they are significantly lower resolution and do not have all of the features of the matching QTVR panoramas (streaming download and embedded sound, for example.) However, they will allow you to view the panoramas on systems without QuickTime.

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