About Evermore Enterprises

There are a lot of competent people working in technology these days. Some argue that most IT is the new blue collar work, with education and training resources proliferating at an incredible pace and more people stepping up to keep the engines running.

Sometimes, however, you need more than someone to “make it go.” Rather, you need someone with solid technical skills who can understand your business on a cultural as well as a functional level. You need someone who can think, analyze, communicate and synthesize unique solutions that fit perfectly.

That‘s what we do.

Who is Evermore Enterprises?

Our principle and coordinating consultant, Andrew Crawford (see sidebar), is one of the first “digital natives.” He grew up with computers and the Internet, repeatedly and accurately intuiting the evolution of our digital world. His background in cultural anthropology and extensive experience in business have given him the tools to understand how people and companies function. Leveraging technology to solve complex business problems is his forté. He knows what to do and, he knows what is next.

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